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Introducing My Site Not 100% but getting there


Hi all,

http://www.jerrylili.co.nr/ is my site that i have been working very hard on

and thanks to trap 17 i wa able to put it up and host it. It is a

100 % pure image site meaning everything is an image everything!

including the text. How u get links you may ask? will slices, thats

what. I use Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks. they really good

intergration of these two programs suprise me very much, were they

created based on same codes? same devlopers? If anyone knows this?

beacuse i can open .psd(photoshop file) with fireworks and i can even

save .psd with fireworks WOW!!! thats like opyrigth violation

right there it they wern't some hwo realted. anyway geting on topic

again. I use those to progams to create what you call slices for

animations .gif ones or links or html codes, vbery easy no need to

mess with dreamweaver html,php or any of that codey stuff.

Anyways, the site is 100% pure image. It has many sections only 2

active now. the Random Trash one and the stats one. i have been

working on the Random Trash one for over 1 weeknow, i jjust completed

i game stats for one of the stats, on stats page. Have a look. The

stats are from serverspy.com THANK YOU! they monitor TOP servers of

TOP games. I choice wolfensetin Eenmy territory, Return to castle

wolfessntein, call of duty, half life2, hlaf life, unreal tornament,

americas army, and of caourse the all new 2005 cobamt millitary sim

massive online- battlefield 2!!! OWHAHAH OUCH OUCH!! HOHOHOHOH. i

dont' even have it. But cool any way. My fav game is WOLF ET

so i have that doen first. enough about stats. In teh random Trash

section you will find many links of random ness. that i have created

in photoshop or that i took of teh internett, with all right resver

for respicetive owner THANKYOU. Some thing speical i would like to

point you to is teh Micheal jackson photo where he is shot up my the

mob, that is a photo doctored one so no worry jackson fans, even

though he is a child molester thats my opion and the oiopion of all

teh jury memerbs. WHY didhn;t they convict him??? HE molest little

boys. anyway on topic, thats a doctor photo to make him look like he

is being shoot my mob, i did it its very nice! The other stuff is my

fourms. please have a vists at it and please register to show supprt

no ads what so ever. u know. please suprt teh forum and post anything

you want have suggestion send them over.please. thanks you. the next

thing is the PHPnuke i use that as permiisson access only poral into

the reallly good stuff. ONLy approved memebrs may have acess. PHP nuke

is very nice and his free. thanks PHPNUKE and Xisto! i also have

viper guess book to let people post nice things. and i have belive it

or not implemented the phpauction to let people buy sell stuff locally

at wher i live, mostly firend selling buysing trash from one and

other, hope that goes really well, which me luck there please. I also

have phpchat installed on to my 150mb space THANKS Xisto! i want to

chat. Please tell me how to insert my web logo into the indexpage of

phpchat please help. i have posted else where on this issue but no

reaply HELP!. Ok. also i have Live help chat supprt. LOL i may be on

there to see if any of my viewers need my help. its a chat based

systme installed from cpanel THANKS Xisto!. I fyou need help with

site, please go there to seee if i or any other of my helpers are

online . Ok, also i have web calendar to you to store any info on

bdays andything you want you can add just make sure its cool. thanks,

please add event on it. Ok. i also have gb or you call a guestbook to

sign a viper one please sign thanks.

Main sections also include a link section a pics section. in links i

add many of my favorite sites to. and thats where i am gonna add my

promised WHOLE PAGE DEDICATED TO Xisto ad page there! thanks rap17 i

will add it. also will include links to my fav. sites such as http://ww2.peerweb.com/ i love that place. also to gmail. gmail is my life man man. yeah. if any of you want a free gamil accounti send one justPM me please. you can get off of ebay for $0.01 but i give for $0 YEAH MAN . thats party all stand. yeap. thast about ti on my site hoep you injoyed the tour and you love the site please vists teh fourmsevery day on my site. and vivst my site very day every time very where. thanks man.


yeah man,
party on da pole,
barcardi by school, in da pool,
jerrryjamn yeah


HI,really sorry for double post, but i DO NO KNOW how to edit my posts i don't see the button, i only see quote and reply at where teh edit is suppose to be any way.SRRY FOR THE WERID LAYOUT I typed in notepad in hping to spellcheck bu notepad no spellchecker! hi,bye,jerryjamn


Notice from moonwitch:
Don't quote a long post like that when it isn't absolutely necesary
Hey dude... I like that eye candy graphics of your site.However, there issit any special effects like mouseover button colors..And many links are dead... The thing I really really dislike is whereby the top links open a new window.. In the end there are lots of windows loading the same site...You might have to change it to load in a single parent window...Overall, not bad.. And still needs inprovements...


beacuse i can open .psd(photoshop file) with fireworks and i can even
save .psd with fireworks WOW!!! thats like opyrigth violation

right there it they wern't some hwo realted.

I doubt that would be copyright related. Even if it was it wouldnt matter now, since Adobe bought Macromedia.

As for your site. I would seriously cut down on the image usage, and start using plain text and css for style for all text. Doing this will make it easier to update your site without having to constantly edit, and re-upload the same images. Add some php for even easier way of updating your site. It's best not to let the programs you have do all the work for you. Coding is key.


You know there is some flaws to having a all image site. If one image doesn't load correctly It all looks bad, but yours looks good I can tell you put alot of time into it. However people still using dialup seen nothing till the images start to load. I might suggect putting alt tags to .ThanksEric Drinkard


Your site's not bad looking but I gotta say doing it all as images is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Why on Earth would you do text as an image? Text should be text. At least if you're gonna use images, you should use some CSS image-replacement technique. Your code has absolutely no text in it at all. How do you expect search engines to find your site? They won't - no text means no indexing cos it looks like you've got no content. You don't even have alt tags to describe your images. And like truefusion said, how are you gonna go about updating your site? You gonna constantly type stuff into Fireworks, create images, upload them & then edit your HTML? I can't help but shake my head at how roundabout and overly-labour-intensive a method that is.


1) You should center the contents on your page and make a border around it.

2) The new features image (located at the bottom of the page) is very ugly

3) Use text instead of images for crying out loud! (like Tyseen said) WEB pages with lots of images take allot of time to load! Dial-uppers will eat you alive!

4) The footer image (*C* 2005 Jerry Li. Li. INFO) does not appear properly in Internet Explorer, and it looks even worse in Firefox!

5) The site menu is pretty static and the user doesn't know whether to click it or not because it does not react to mouse-hover actions, it appears like an ordinary non functional image!

6) If your page is still under construction, please don't reject users like this:

Example from: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

HALT! 213.***.***.*** jerrylili.trap17.com The page you are requesting is not avaible at this time. This site is still under construction. 404 /pics.htm GOOD BYE COME BACK LATER!

And, I repeat:
Your web page is simply HUGE! Use text instead of unnecessary images, optimize the images that you need for the web and don't use unnecessary GIF animations!

Good luck!


HIYES YES thkns for your replys and reviews. Adobe did buy Macromedia, but only like couple month ago. i am using Photoshop CS and Macromedia Studio MX not MX2004, so it was made before they were merged, mabye they were thinkging og buys out each other a long time ago. Yeha i liek the idea of 100 Pure image site its sweet to have it that way you know what i mean. Now i have not idea how to make parent child windows in Marcomedia fireworks. Please some one help me!. YUeah the method of uplaod is really sumb if i chnage 1 little text, i need to upload teh whole documentpage with image folder very hassle-not-free.Can you please explian in detail how to add what ever you said and why it would make my life easier. i don't want to spend my life learning codes, that another reason why i did my site thay way. It was easier code free-alomst code free wrok YEHA! MMAMA!thanks,for the reply,party at my house,jerryjeamn


i don't want to spend my life learning codes, that another reason why i did my site thay way. It was easier code free-alomst code free wrok YEHA! MMAMA!

Why have a website if you're not willing to code it? Learning html doesnt take long. You can learn the basics in less than a few hours. All programming languages just require memory in your head. Many people make tutorial websites mainly so they wont forget what they've learn and they just share it with the public.

why it would make my life easier.

I think you've answered most of this with your own words:

YUeah the method of uplaod is really sumb if i chnage 1 little text, i need to upload teh whole documentpage with image folder very hassle-not-free.

Can you please explian in detail how to add what ever you said

I would say using php include, to save you time, so you would only have to edit one page and be able to display that information other pages without having to edit every page it's located on.


i have to agree doing your site in pure images is not always good due to loading issues and all that and the text is not that hard to type you did it in the image but even its ideal layout but you got to code dude cuz doing image layouts like is like rookie stuff and won't help you out if you plan to make a living of it


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