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I've put up my page, I love the hosting here! I thought I'd submit it for review for you guys... maybe the content might not be for everyone (it's mostly "experimental" poetry) but I was wondering about what you thought about the layout and colors and that sort of thing. I'm kind of going for a 'cheesy' vibe.



I liked your site it is filled with lots of information. The layout is simple just 2 colors. It works fine for what you have right now. No need to change the layout, but i think it would look at little better if there were more colors.Nice site btw


I love the content you have for your site. I can't say I like the layout or colours. But that's a personal preferance. It looks neat and tiddy, I just have never been fond of olive green... For a homepage though, it's very good. Keep up the good work. I only have one suggestion. Get a little variety in the colouring of you page... There are a lot of colours in this world to only use two of them... Again, just a personal opinion. What really matters is what you like, seeing how it's your personal homepage. Later, -- J.


i like itbut then again i like green tooit suits the pagei mean i dont think it looks cheezyits nice and well put together


Thank you guys. I have been trying to focus a little more on the content than the colors. I didn't want them to be overwhelming, at least not on the main pages. I might try to add a little more variety in the future.


Your homepage aint bad though. but i think you should add a lil more color to the design. Make the colors to be about 3 or 4 at least. Check out my HomePage to see the color combination I have there. Maybe you should consider doing something like that too. well, i think the color combination suits your motives for now.

BTW, is that your pic on the homepage?


Thank you, odomike... yuor website is very professional. In the past, I've had crazy or blinding color combinations with a page like that you have the luxury of doing whatever you want. And no, that's not me. Every so often I'll change that, too, just to throw people off.


obviously he didnt make theme. he found it for free, and im sure he didnt buy it.


obviously he didnt make theme. he found it for free, and im sure he didnt buy it.


do you think that i am such a novice in web designing? Obviously, i know you think i probably got the template free of charge and downloaded it from some website that provides free templates......you got it all wrong mate.


I designed that template from the scratch. Though i had another one I was looking at for directions and mistakes. Dont think that..maybe cos you cannot do something like that (i dont know), that someone else cannot design a theme like that one.


Well I designed it and thats that. Period


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