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First Ever Sig... What do you all think?


This is my first, ever sig. I've never had one before, except for a text sig. This is the first graphic sig I've made. What do you guys think?


Its quite good... Which program did you use?

Triple X

Nice, the text color is kinda....eh but still nice. You have skillz, and yes what program? *is guessing PS or PSP*


I use MS Paint and PSP7. I tried Fireworks. But it was very awkward. I like PSP a lot more than any others I've seen available. It's simple and has all the features I need to make graphics. Later, J. (TS)


hmm..its abit green. Your text should be more contrasting. The borders look a little simplified. Anyway, good work. Nice design concept, but on artwork..you have a long way to go.


...The borders look a little simplified...

That's how they were supposed to look. It's just a sig, I don't want to create something that is going to bog down everyone page load time. That would be too much for just a small sig. As for the text... I know I need to find a better contrast. But I'm also trying to stay within the colour scheme of green and yellow...
Thanks for the input,
J. (TS)


i think it's pretty good, but i don't really like sigs that have huge borders, but it's ok i guess


The colours a good, but the text a little bright... but pretty cool sig, nice work

Se?or Maniac

pretty good i think


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