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want to setup a network, where i see all employees browsing details

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OK, I see two different points in your question.

First of all, you should check the legal things about this. For instance, in some countries, this kind of behavior is completely forbidden.

Secondly the technical point. Are you the owner of this network? The, for security reasons, you must have a firewall on top of your network.

If you are the owner of this network, you have access to the firewall logs. Of course you are not supposed to read them. However, you have to know that the firewall logs records each connection to the internet. The computer which initiated the connection, the name of the visited website, and the connection time.

Is this the info you needed?

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Of course, if it's in your own home, it's different, with your children you act exactly as you decide.

However, you asked the question about


all employees browsing details

This is a different question, you have to consider your employee's rights toward their browsing freedom during working hours.

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