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The discussion about the future of the forum seems to be held in the ShoutBox. A discussion in the forum stays longer visible and can be joined at random times by every member of the forum.


This is one of the reasons to open this topic about the subjects OpaQue addresses in the ShoutBox.


It seems the MyCents system has ended. OpaQue discusses to offer hosting to members, who are active members of the forum. It seems in the future the hosting won't depend of the amount of posts and the quality of the posts and the value of the posts according to the MyCents system. It seems it won't be necessary to acquire points through posting and the MyCents system to be able to use the hosting services.


The suggestion to offer free vps hosting packages looks very interesting, modern and appealing. It opens new perspectives when vps hosting packages can be used for websites for free. A free virtual private server package offers far more possibilities for experiments and the use of more advanced features.


It seems interesting to use the new options OpaQue mentions in the Shout Box.


Maybe it is time to open a topic for members to apply for the new packages and to show their interest to use the new possibilities.

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The goal is clearly to share the experiences. So, you should not only use the vps or shared server, but first of all you should describe here your experience, and show what you learned, how you learned, and which benefits you obtained.

For instance how you could manage to have both free surfing and safe surfing, anonymous and protected Internet usage.

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