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Zerg Rush - Playful Easter Egg By Google

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I really don't know if anyone remembers Zerg Rush by Google .. Gamers would understand the reference but here is a quick definition for others :-


Zerg Rush is an online gaming term used to describe an overwhelming scale of attack carried out by one player against another in real time strategy (RTS) games. The term originates from the popular RTS game Starcraft, in which the “Zerg” race is notoriously known for its ability to mass-produce offensive units within a short time frame, thus allowing the player to overpower the opponent by sheer number.

I have got to hand it to Google this time, anyone wanting to stay informed on this phenomenon is sure to be surprised. Because if you type zerg rush in the google search bar, you will notice that your search results are under attack by a group of zergish O's :lol:


You are expected to save your search results by clicking as fast you can on the little O's BUT as soon as you clear one lot, you will notice another batch attacking... They'll attack from the left, right or the bottom so you'd better click as fast as you can..


I found this easter egg while searching for "zerg" images since they look very similar to Venomancer of Dota, and in the search results, I kept seeing "Zerg Rush" a lot so I decided to google it... And while picking a link, I noticed that one of my search results from the top had disappeared and there were little cheerios chomping away!


I successfully tricked my brother into thinking that his computer was infected.


So, how did you guys find Zerg Rush and what did you think of it?

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Another easter egg, is when on youtube search for "do the harlem shake" and watch youtube get down, need sound, watch the logo and then wait for the bass drop. It's amazing how these internet memes originate.Cheers,MC

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