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Counter Strike: Global Offence Beta Testing!

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Hello. I am Essy91 and this is my First post so I thought I started with an introduction.I am 15 years old and a big gamer. I am from Belgium.I have signed up for the Counter Strike GO beta program and just received my Beta key so I am going to share my findings here with you. my English isn't perfect but i am trying to type as decent as possible.Okay. first of all I have played A LOT of counterstrike Source and it was much better than a lot of the newer shooters (talking about Black OPS, MW3, Battlefield maybe).In Counterstrike GO there are only two new maps at the moment but all the maps from Source have been renewed beautifully! the graphics are quite nice but not stunning.Also i just came from Modern Warfare 3, so I had a lot of adjusting to do (like you cant aim down the sights with CS: GO). the new game mode arms race, which is like the gun game in other games is very good since it has its own maps especially designed for it (and I have to mention that the idea of gun game came originally from the counter strike community.)because of the adjusting I have not taken any screen shots or video's yet but I'm planning of doing that this weekend.the first big thing with Counterstrike are the spawns. In the 6hours that I have Played it I have only been spawntrapped once (and that was by a Bot (LOL). there is a spawnprotection for a few seconds after re-spawning until you shoot.also there are not much camping spaces, especially not in Arms Race.I am going to update this post with Pictures and real useful information this weekend, so I'll catch you later!

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