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Have you ever wanted to sing a love song and send it to your girlfriend really far away or may be post it on her facebook profile? Most of the Karaoke softwares do not record and those that do are mostly paid services. Even the online Karaoke services which record and are free, need premium membership to sing the good love songs that you want. So here is a free idea for you.


Here is what you will need:



Small speakers

Well here is what you can do. Download the mp3 file of the song you want to sing, then download this free program called Wavosaur. You can get the user guide here. Listen to the song a few times, memorize the lyrics and practice a good pitch. Now plug in your earphones and play the mp3 file on Wavosaur, immediately click on the record button and as the song plays sing along into the connected microphone. Once the song has stopped playing, click on the record button again to switch it off, a window will open to show you your vocals, in which you have the option to adjust the volume (+/- db; multiple times), covert from stereo to mono and save. Now also save a test copy of the original mp3 file, convert that to mono and use the voice remover to remove its vocals, there will still be a hint of the vocals depending upon the compression. Save the voice removed file.


Kindly note all files are saved in .wav format.


Now open two instances of a media player, in one play your vocals and in the other play the voice removed file, they must be played in sync and on speakers. Before the playing starts, you need to keep the microphone before the speakers, and click record on Wavosaur. It will be good if you can place some kind of box over the speakers and microphone so that there will be no external disturbances. This recorded file is not finished as yet, you now to download a wave to mp3 converter, convert it to mp3, you are then free to post this on facebook on your girlfriend’s wall.

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