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Dealing With Depression

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Hello friends,How do you feel about the fast moving pace of the city life? I mean if you are part of any city, it becomes like a routine to handle the din and bustle that we come across everyday. Mostly we feel that the noise pollution should be done away with, but there is another side to it.What I am talking about exactly is the fact that probably certain unpleasant things get buried under the high intensity noise. It is very likely to come under the package of hardcore urban life. One of such issues which marks a heavy growth is depression. It is the state of mind which basically makes a person feel low on regards of energy and communication, he/she is seen to remain sad most of the time, though there are a lot of other symptoms also.Now because it isn't advisable to remain depressed for a long time, so that needs to be handled. To handle it, one needs to know quite about it. One thing to wonder about is what can be the possible causes of depression. From what I have seen, it mostly arises due to dissatisfaction in a relationship, have seen my aunt-in-law, a friend's wife and another friend all going through the same problem. By dissatisfacton here I do not intend to point out to any particular aspect, it is subjective for success in a relationship means differently to different people, some simply long for companionship, somewhwere it is a battle of ideals within the partners and at times it is a dormant frustration that gets surfaced. Of course, the list for the causes can be as stretched as possible.Having discussed some of the common causes, we should strive to bring the graph down by trying to work on resolving some of the matters. We had dicussed relationships, the partners involved should be able to evaluate what they expect from each other and make an effort to act upon that as far as possible, as merely taking anti-depression medicines won't help. It isn't compromising but giving in yourself for the one you love. Parents who face this issue with their children and vice-versa should trust one another with their problems and mental blocks and discuss them calmly. People who go to suicidal extents need medical help, yet the after treatment should be rendered by the close ones.There is a rising trend in the cases of depression which is not limited to urban areas, it is spreading alarmingly across the globe, only the humankind can be of help for their fellow-beings. Moreover, spending quality time, watching funny stuff and going out for some fresh air can possibly help.

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