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Learn Computer Programming With Finch

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I remember old Qbasic kits where you can program using qbasic and the simple hardware kit. You use to program the kit in qbasic and run it to flash ROM. Then that kit used to function as per your programming. Be it flashing some LED or some calculation or tricks based on your programming input. We dont live in that world anymore and the hardware and software is much more sophisticated than before. You get plenty of options to deal with hardware using modern software (programming language).

Finch is one piece of hardware which is programmable using java and python. As these two languages have less barrier to learning makes it easy to program the finch robot. If you want to learn programming bots then finch is one good place to learn. It is an interesting project with lots of good options for anyone to learn programming. You can program Bot using USB port interfacing and it can be recharged via same ports. You don't need batteries for that. But how efficient is this USB powered energy system is still one case not yet handled.

It is not only good for kids for learning programming but also for adults too. You'll find that it looks similar to those zoo zoo pets design but it quite looks like whale fish from top view. It is nice project to look at so take a look it. It'll definitely interest those who have interest in hardware programming or bot programming. It'll also interest kids and adults to computer programming.

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