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Tips To Improve Your Website Design

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For any business to flourish, it must have a strong web presence on the internet. Just having an amateur website design will not help you achieve this! Your website design has to be such that it captures the visitors' attention and make them stay longer. Here are some important tips by which you can improve your website design and make it even better to achieve your business goals:


Fast loading pages: Not everyone has access to a fast internet connection. There are people who still use the dial-up modems to connect to the internet. The pages of your website should load quickly even on slow internet connections. Use only relevant banners and images that have been optimized appropriately. If your website doesn't load in maximum 15 seconds, visitors will get bored and navigate away.


Value Time: A fast loading website creates a good impression in a visitors mind. If you cannot avoid your website from loading slowly because of heavy content, display a message requesting them to wait. That is better than making them stare at a blank screen.


Provide Options: If your website contains music or other audio effects, provide your visitors an option to turn it on and off as per their liking. Many people don't want to listen to music when they surf and may leave if they are forced to. Providing them with an option to turn it off will make your website a favourite with all.


Text Size: The text size of your web page is another important factor that affects your website design. The text should be large enough so that visitors can read it easily without strain. However, the size shouldn't be too large as to create an unprofessional feeling. The choice of colours for your website is another critical point. It's always better to stick to web safe colours. Use a white on black or black on white combination for text colours.


Considering all these facts, it is highly necessary to hire a professional web design firm to get a quality website that can give the most significant returns from your business.

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Great tips. I will contribute as well. This is a set of links to help you optimize your website:

To speed up websites, here is a great article on Gzip Compression:

It's a very easy compression method and just by adding a few simple lines of code, you can speed up your site using .htaccess.

There is also another method called PHP Flush. Here is a link to an article on how to use code to do that:

To test your website for SEO Optimization:
Great site to help you improve your keywords, meta tags, and security as well as give you a little insight into what search engines are likely seeing.

To get even more detailed insight into your webpage with a ranking:

Test your website speed and compare it with others (find other websites similar to yours and make sure the speeds match or are faster):

Check your Alexa ranking:

Check your Google PR Rank:

Great tools to use:
Firefox - download a plugin called Firebug.
Google Chrome - comes with a built-in plugin called Inspection.

Also from both programs, download a plugin called CSS Refresh. You NEED THIS TOOL IN ORDER TO SEE INSTANT CHANGES ON YOUR SITE. If you don't have this tool, you could refresh for 10 minutes before seeing any changes.

Use right click and look at some of the source code. Learn how to use these tools. They are your lifesavers! Especially to find and change colors or even how something is done.

Also, look at sites that might be similar to yours.. and see what attracts you on their site. If you find yourself inclined to leave.. than they aren't doing something right. If you find yourself a bit more interested and everything is easy to go through and you want to stay, you might want to copy that method of style.

I haven't written any official list, but definitely planning on starting one.


Lots of times companies think that by offering more tools and more things to do and more images and more things to click, they will attract more visitors and keep them there. But in fact, the less clutter there is with your website design, the more inclined people are likely to stick around. Clutter loses the eyes very fast.

A simple design is very attractive to the eye. The eye will grasp the webpage and your visitor will be more inclined to return.

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