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Are You Actually The First Position In Google? I only want to know about it...

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Well I am an amateur web designer and I know a lot about website programming but like a hobby. Trough the years I have learned that the main purpose of building a website is to get visitors. The only sense of having a website is to atract other people to use it and give it valuable. So if you have money you can get thousands of visitors to your site in a few hours using a lot of paying methods like adwords and traffic exchanges but if you don´t have the money you have to use the generical traffic trough the search engines like Google.


We will suppose that you have a "lose weigth" website where you give information to the people about how to lose weigth. You are expecting to atract huge amounts of traffic because you think that there are a lot of people searching about how to lose weigth. And you build your website and happily you launch your website and when you visit the stats you are seing that nobody is visiting your website. And you are questioning how can this be possible and you go to Google and type "how to lose weigth" and you find million of results and your website is in the 34000 place for that search term. So you can have two reactions: 1. Quit of your website project 2. Search for information like SEO and website optimizations to up for the search terms.


Obviously we are not going to talk about the first reaction. But suppose you choose the second and you start to practice all the SEO recommendations that are in all the good SEO tutorials and you spend a lot of time optimizing your website and at the end and two months later you are in the 200 place and you say COOL this is great because I passed from the 34000 position to 200. And you continue working without generating any traffic to your site either. And four months later you are in position 185.


Of course you start to questioning about all the work you have done and actually you are not generating any traffic to your site. So you came back to the first option of our experiment and you quit of your website project.


Funny right? This is my story when I TRIED to positionate a website a years ago. I got really mad and I decide to start to use my hosting plan for fool things like rapishare premium links generators and that stupid things that only makes you lose money almost all the time.


The purpose of this post is to evaluate my old situation. Was is it correct to quit? Could I come to the first positions for that keyword or not?


These questions are being in my mind almost everyday since then. I want your review of my actions and I want you to share your experiences about this SEO and GOOGLE things.


Please feel free to left your opinion.

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