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Speech System In Mac Os Have your Mac OS read to you

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In Windows, I used to use a program that would read text to me, but I'd usually have to copy all the text into a window and then hit a button that would make it speak to me. Once I got a Mac OS, I wondered where I could find this feature. Although I love reading, my eyes are just not able to focus on text for too long, so I was looking for some kind of program to read to me - that is, have it read Ebooks (pdf) to me. So I have the computer read to me. Might be a little lazy, but it sure does the job!So one of my favorite features of the Mac, which I thought I'd share if anyone is interested, is the Speech feature.On the very top left of your screen is the Apple Icon. Click.Scroll down to System Preferences... and click that. The preferences window will open. Find and click on the Microphone icon which says Speech.It should automatically open to the Text to Speech.In here, you can change the voice to whichever you prefer. I use Alex. Hit Play to hear the voices.You can also change the speed. The normal speed is very slow so I speed it up to a little less than half the time between Normal and Fast.Select the Speak selected text when the key is pressed and hit Set Key...I have mine set to Option (Alt) + S since there aren't the Mac OS doesn't assigned any shortcuts to use that particular key pattern.After this, you are done. Ensure that your volume is turned up.Go to any file or document and hit the Option (Alt) + S key and you should hear sound coming from your audio.The speech should start playing automatically.And all you have to do is listen. At this current time, I believe the only voice it speaks in and the only text it will recognize is English.Very useful feature that I use often. I'm sure some of you Mac users have discovered this, but for those of you that don't know, I hope this helps!*By the way, it tends to impress and fascinate people when I tell them (or when they hear it), "No need to read, I'll have the computer read it." And then I have the computer start reading, most people are either in awe, or just grunt about how they could never put up with that "annoying voice." I really don't find it annoying and though it can be monotone without enthusiasm at times, it's just a computer reading text. It's doing exactly what it's demanded to do. Enjoy this amazing feature contained within the Mac OS!

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