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The Human Footprint

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I was watching "The Human Footprint" on Discovery, I tried to record as much information as possible. This is what we consume, as human beings, in our entire lifetime, as individuals. Hence: The human footprint.


The Human Footprint



-3,769 diapers

-1,898 crude oil used for each individual in childhood

-715lbs of plastic

-4 1/2 trees

if diapers were reusable, washing: 22,455 gallons of water

serve all of American population:9.2 million cows

milk consumption per individual:

3 pints of milk

14 pints a month

368 pints in a year

13,056 pints of milk per lifetime

26,126 cups of milk consumed in a lifetime

4,043 potatoes eaten in a lifetime per person

-3500lbs of fresh potatoes

-6,920lbs of processed potatoes

1,740,630,427 lbs of food consumed and added up by all humans per day on Earth

consumption of 1.7 tons pork in a lifetime

consumption of 1,426 chickens in a lifetime

consumption of eggs:




1.3 tons of eggs in a lifetime

19,826 eggs per person per lifetime

211 million per day produced by hens

77 billion eggs a year

bread,toast, wheat consumption:

-wyoming size state devoted to wheat fields in USA

-55 bread loafs a year

-4,376 loaves of bread in a lifetime

-87,520 slices of bread in a lifetime

-does not include the consumption of hot dog and hamburger buns

-12,129 hamburger buns consumed in a lifetime

bananas: 11 million air miles to reach us

5,067 bananas consumed in a lifetime,

28 pounds a year,

1.1 tons in a lifetime

(28,301 bananas in my lifetime)

oranges: 12,888 oranges in a lifetime

29,720 / 15 tons of trash (garbage truck load) in a lifetime

178,000,000 cans (aluminum) consumed per day across the US

43,371 cans (aluminum) of soda consumed in a lifetime

3.42 miles of soda cans or 50 football fields w/end zones

americans recycle enough cans to power 1,118,000 homes for a year


28,433 showers in a lifetime (5-minute showers equivalent to

leaving the water running for 98 days nonstop, 7 minute

showers = 136 days of water running nonstop)

-25 gallons of water per shower

156 toothbrushes

389 toothpaste tubes

656 soaps

178 shampoos

39 tubes hairstyle gels

1.2 million gallons of water in a lifetime used excluding showers

same as leaving kitchen tap water on for 62 weeks

600,000 miles of sewer lines - enough to wrap around the world

24 times

men, at any given time:

25 t-shirts

7 pairs of jeans

$52,972 spent on wardrobe in lifetime

women, at any given time: ?

alcohol consumption in lifetime:

13,248 beers (beer drinker)

942 bottles of wine (wine drinker)


-Humans Move about 10 times in lifetime

64 trees to supply wood for average home

14,000 feet of lumber

average new homeowner $9,000 spent on furnishing and decorations

7 washing machines owned in a lifetime

7 air condition units in a lifetime

5 refrigerators owned in a lifetime

8 microwaves owned in a lifetime

10 tv sets owned in a lifetime

15 computers owned in a lifetime

average american:

produces 22 tons of carbon dioxide

-2,000 pounds saved if we lowered our temperatures in house by

2 degrees (more info @ natgeohumanfootprint.com)

average home:

2 tv sets

american watches tv average about 4 hours a day per

12 years 183 days in a lifetime watching TV

USA = 5% of world population

30% of the world's cars in USA

12 cars owned in a lifetime

-replaced roughly every 17 years

americans use a quarter of world's oil, more oil than any other place in the world

627,000 miles or 25 times around the world in a lifetime

31,350 gallons of gasoline

6 tons of carbon emissions a year

360 tons of carbon emissions in a lifetime

10,500,000 barrels of oil a day

200 million cars being driven in USA everyday

If all the world was like the USA, 4 planets would be needed to support everyone

average of 5,054 newspapers read in a lifetime

43 trees to make a lifetime of newspapers for each US citizen

to make all of the US newspapers for one year: 191,000,000 trees.

1000 tons more carbon dioxide a day is released in the air without these trees.

13% threatened species living beside us

hospital visit: 263 times in a lifetime

consumption of pills: 37,320 in a lifetime

average human lifetime: 77 years 9 months

waste in a lifetime: 64 tons



We bring nothing into this world and take nothing out of it but we transform it as we live in it, for better or for worse, this is our human footprint.

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