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How To Download Any Flash Video With Safari Downloading Videos with Mac OS X Safari

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This tutorial is designed for those using Mac computers and wish to download flash or YouTube videos using Safari. This may work for Windows users too who are using Safari.


This tutorial does not cover converting videos to mp3. It will only cover downloading a video from YouTube or any other source that contains a video file.


The following example uses this link from YouTube: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I will write this in steps.



1. Open Safari and insert the above link into the address bar and hit enter.


2. Once you have arrived at the page, make sure that the video has started playing. Click Window on the top Menu and choose Activity.

Make sure that the YouTube video is loading or playing.

In Activity, you will see a bunch of links, but if you look at their sizes, they are all usually listed in bytes or KB (kilobytes). While some videos can also be listed as a KB, most are the size of MB (megabytes).

To help you find the link, the video will probably still be downloading and the Activity window will show something like 2.1 MB of 9.8 MB which should help you find what you want to download.

Often times, your video link will include the words videplayback or similar within the link itself.

The link that you want to this particular video is: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

3. Select this link in the Activity window and press the Command + C (copy) key on your keyboard (CTRL+C (copy) for Windows users).


4. Click on Window in the top menu once again and choose Downloads.


5. Ensure that the Downloads window has the focus and press the Command + V (paste) key on your keyboard (CTRL + V for Windows users).


The video will start downloading to your default download folder. It will probably be named "videplayback.flv"


Rename it to whatever you choose.


Congratulations. You now have learned how to download videos from any website using Safari.

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