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Well, almost two years ago I posted a topic here asking for help for my text based game. I was told to go actually learn the language (go figure) so i familiarized myself with php between school and work. At this point I can mostly read it, but I can't write. My friend, however, actually know the language and decided to help with my project, so I can learn as I go.Now, here is a dilema we have reached. Almost all of the basics are functional, except for the forums. At the moment we have an off-site forum working, but that requires seperate registartion, and has no links around the site. I want a message board, doesn't need to be anything fancy, for the members to come and chat, so on etc. I would like it to be on-site, with all the game headers etc. still there so that they are still playing the game while in the forums. I am pretty sure you all know what I am talking about.Most text-based games have this, but I cannot find a file for this anywhere on google. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough or I totally missed it, most likely the latter since i pent about 2 hours yesterday trying to find a php file to use for the message boards.Anyone have a link to a free php file that would suit my needs? Or willing to share theirs? I would like to allow use of BBCode.

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I'm not quite sure that you will find anything. The thing is that every "on-site-forum" is configured to that particular site.


What I recommend you to do is figure out how a forum works, for example, you'll need a database.

In this database, you'll need the following tables, at the least:





Now the "Users" table will be used for the login and such.

The "Topics" table will be used to store the topic ID, topic starter etc.

The "Posts" is used to store posts..


I'd have to make a complete tutorial to actually teach you how to make an entire basic forum, and I'm afraid I don't have that time at the moment. Maybe you can request such a tutorial here:

Xisto - Request Tutorials


Then of course, you can always try to learn how to make one yourself (a forum that is). To tell the truth, like I said before, I'm almost 100% sure that there is no step-by-step tutorial to how to make a forum for your website from scratch.

Everyone can write a book if they know the language. Not everyone can write a good book unless they practice.


In other words, everyone can learn PHP (which I assume you haven't [maybe you should, or if you want to keep relying on your friend, keep reading]).

Not everyone can make any system without knowing how that system works or without achieving what you want by making your own system.


What I'm trying to say is.. It'd be better for you if you went to learn PHP and if you went to learn how to actually think when making systems like administrations and forums and so on.


I'm sorry if anything I've written here is gibberish, the time is 12AM already for some reason.

Anyways, good luck.




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I am currentlywriting a tutorial on how to create your own mmorpg and will soon be writing the section on creating in-game message boards complete with bbcode and admin/moderator features. It's not been written yet but you can find the first parts of the tutorial in these links.


Part 1: Advanced User Account System

Part 2: Welcome Home

Part 3: Administration


Part 4 is ready to be put up i just haven't gotten around to it yet but if needed i can write the message boards next.

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