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help me with a javascript calculator script that lands on a html landing page I Need Help With Javascript.

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help me with a javascript calculator script that lands on a html landing pageI Need Help With Javascript.

Can someone please help me with  2 java script calculators scripts that are <body onload="Body_Onload()">  two different  html landing pages. The java script for both are very similar with only a few content changes for the two different products on the two different html landing pages. My landing pages are in WC3//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional/EN. They have worked together in the past just fine with no problem. I changed the font sizes on the Price =0 paragraph code on the landing html page and this made the calculators stop working. I changed the font size back, but the calculators are still not working on either html page. Cna someone please take a look at my java script(Microsoft) and html to see why the calculator won't work and what needs to be changed to make the two calculators work again?

-question by Charles Kirkland


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