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Adam - Ipad's Rival

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When the iPhone came out, there were many so-called 'iPhone killers'. Yet the iPhone has managed to hold its charm over the rest of the market. Every Apple product manages to garner such attention and so is the case with the iPad. It has managed to grab quite a few eyeballs since its release, and although it hasn't been released worldwide yet, the lucky people who were able to buy it have expressed satisfaction. However, as is the case with every Apple product, there are a few cons associated with the iPad as well. I don't remember the list exactly and since this topic isn't about the iPad directly, I won't take the time to search for the cons list. The point is, the iPad does have a few shortcomings which users hope will be overcome in the next version. In the meantime, there have been some companies bringing out tablets to rival the iPad. One of them is the Adam, which I'm sure most of you haven't heard of :)

A start-up called Notion Ink, is bringing out this tablet, and it promises to offer more features than the iPad, at a much lesser price. Here is a link to the site so that you can read more about its features.


One of the features I like is the Pixel Qi display, which makes it easier to see the screen in broad daylight. The iPad doesn't have this feature, meaning that in the streets during daytime, you'd have a tough time reading off the screen normally, as the display wouldn't be bright enough.

Another interesting feature in the Adam is the inclusion of USB ports, whose usage is left to the imagination of the user. A quick use would be to hook up a USB keyboard to make typing faster.

It has Wi-fi and 3G connectivity options which should satisfy a lot of users. The price is the most attractive point. While the iPad starts at aroung $500, the Adam starts at around $300. So it offers lot more features for a lesser price.

Since this is a new company, people will have their doubts over buying it, and especially when its competing with a brand like Apple, there will be high doubts about its performance and reliability. The project has been raising expectations over the internet and quite a lot of people are eagerly awaiting its release.

I would certainly purchase it if the initial reviews are good. The iPad hasn't been released over here yet so this would be a good way to experience the tablet PC.

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ooh yea adam! i had heard of that and also watched on the tv its review! its pretty much good and also can give a tough competition to ipad as said. Adam is made by the students of IIT and now its only in beta period. Its having all the feature and i would say more than the ipad. according to me it lacks only one step behind in only one aspect than ipad and thats its beauty and way of design. Not to mention the sleek body of ipad and as compared to adam its just a slate kinda tablet. But it has got some of the great mention features as mention aboved, like usb ports 3g services with wifi connectivity and also a camera for conference. Its being tested in THE us type of countries and soon will be launched in the world and i hope so it wouldnt take long time to reach its own motherland India :) i am pretty excited about this adam and really hope so it gives all the hopes to the one who cant buy Apple Ipad. Its having only 2 things less than that of the Ipad they are name and design. Ipad has got Apple as its prefix which makes its all the more reliable and trendy but as the name as hype is given to the iPad i done thing it deserves that much. anyways have a look at the both products and have your own opinion here.

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