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Favourite Retro Games Of All Time Anything released BEFORE 1998

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Now to some it would seem like the 90's wasn't that long ago, I know the feeling, but the frightening reality of it is it was now over 10 years ago. It still seems like only yesterday I was down on the Albert Docks in Liverpool celebrating the Millenium. So, all our favourite computer games from the 90's are now considered to be retro but will always remain in our hearts. I still play many of my favourite old games because they offered something much more than all these graphically and interactively advanced games today, they offer nostalgia :D So here it is, list your favourite games of the past that were released BEFORE 1998 preferably. They don't necessarily have to be in order and can be for any platform. 1. Aces of the Deep 2. X-Com (Terror From The Deep and Enemy Unknown) 3. Duke Nukem 4. Master of Orion II 5. Conquest of the New World 6. Civilisation II 7. Dungeon Keeper (1 and 2) 8. Warcraft II 9. Mario Kart 64 10. Goldeneye (N64) The amount of hours I wasted playing all these games with my friends is ridiculous. Chilling out to the old R.E.M. albums and hitting it up RETRO style. Star Trek DS9 on the TV and cartons of Um Bongo in our hands. It was when my friends started playing WarHammer that I decided to find new friends and live a life of Hedonism and Debauchery. :)

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You also absolutely have to mention :

Death Rally (do you remember Duke Nukem driving a Ferrari ?)

Krypton Egg (the nicest Brick breaking game, with music shocks tumbeling your room walls).

Tapper (you had to serve beers to dirsty clients).

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