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Basic Mysql Query Problem Just need a quick bit of help here [solved]

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Right, haven't got time to finish debugging this query because it's late and need sleep, coding is not a good idea when tired lol Basically I want this query to pull a maximum of 10 records from the database where either the user column OR the other column equals the users id (stored in $_SESSION['dm']['id'] obviously) but it appears to pull 10 records where the user column contains the data and then a seperate 10 from the other column as well. It's part of a pagination system I've built in to financial transaction sheet for my game. Here's the full set: if (!isset($_GET['page']) || ($_GET['page'] == 1) || ($_GET['page'] < 1)){ $_GET['page'] = 1; $amounta = 0; $amountb = 10; } else { $page = CleanUp(round($_GET['page']), true); if ($page > 1){ $amounta = (10 * $page) - 9; $amountb = (10 * $page); } } $tranhistory = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM banklog WHERE user='".$_SESSION['dm']['id']."' OR other='".$_SESSION['dm']['id']."' ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT ".$amounta.", ".$amountb); I can probably figure this out when I wake up in the morning, but you know what it's like, it's better if someone has given you the answer straight off to save you time! ;) Definately sure it's the query that's the problem though.

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I think in MySQL the LIMIT works quite differently, if you have 100 rows in the result, the limit works something like this:

Limit 0,10 - it will take 10 rows starting from 0 row.

Limit 10,10 - it will take 10 rows starting from 10th row

Limit 20,10 - it will take 10 rows starting from 20th row

in your situation you use the second parameter $amountb for it to be 10 * number, which means you can get a result on lets say page 5 like this:

Limit 41, 40 - it will take 40 rows starting from 41th row? Is this really what you want to do or I'm missing something?

I've done a paging system before, but I'm not at home to look at the code, but basically you need to do something like this:

// Get the amount of Pages$Pages = ceil( getNumberOfRows($Query) / ROWS_ON_A_PAGE );// Check amount of Pagesif ($Pages == 0) $Pages = 1;

This is not a working code, but an idea.. To continue:

if (!isset($Page) || !is_numeric($Page) || $Page < 1 || $Page > $Pages) {  $Page = 1;} elseif (!is_int($Page)) {  $Page = (int) $Page;}

So I guess your $amounta needs to be something like this:

$amounta = (($Page * ROWS_ON_A_PAGE) - ROWS_ON_A_PAGE);

So if you're on page 1, you'll get ((1 * 10) - 10) = (10 - 10) = 0 [Just what the LIMIT wants! in MySQL]
So if you're on page 5, you'll get ((5 * 10) - 10) = (50 - 10) = 40 [Just what the LIMIT wants! in MySQL]

And your $amountb is the ROWS_ON_A_PAGE, so:

$amountb = ROWS_ON_A_PAGE;

and your SQL Query: ... LIMIT $amounta, $amountb;

Maybe this is what you were looking for? ;)

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Yes, I can see where the problem is now, I've used the LIMIT parameter wrong. There wasn't any need for the amountb variable, instead I should have just put in 10. Query has been fixed and working perfectly. Thanks for the help!

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