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My Review Of Command And Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Youll definitely Rock and Roll with this game

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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn is the first game in the Command and Conquer series. It came out for DOS, Windows 95, and the Nintendo 64 (I have played all 3 versions, and feel confident speaking for the 3 of them). It was created by Westwood Studios. It is a Real Time Strategy game. If you do not know what an RTS is, WarCraft is the most popular one I know of, maybe excepting Halo Wars. However, it plays very differently from WarCraft (the difference is comparable to Halo and Portal). While WarCraft emphasizes the importance of each unit (much like in a squad shooter), Command and Conquer emphasizes the importance of the various unit types you have available (much like in a risk-like game). Anyone used to the pace of Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, or Command and Conquer 3 will probably want to set the speed up to maximum, though be warned that your units will die almost immediately when they step in Tiberium. Speaking of Tiberium, rather than harvesting gold, silver, wood, food, or gas, you harvest Tiberium. Tiberium is a radioactive substance that sucks the mineral resources out of the Earth. Standing in it kills you. So how do you harvest it? Harvesters. Harvesters are vehicles that harvest Tiberium and take it to Tiberium Refineries to be converted into credits. Tiberium is the bread and butter of the pseudo-religious, definitely-terrorist organization The Brotherhood of Nod. There to stop them is the Global Defense Initiative, a United Nations backed group. You'd think the UN side would suck. They actually play more like the Allies on steroids more than the UN. They got a giant tank. It's like 24 to 32 pixels large or something in the Windows version. It's awesome. The Brotherhood of Nod, however, relies on stealth more than brute force. Oh, and flame tanks. Can't forget the flame tanks. That's Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn in a nutshell. I suggest you try it. EA released it and its prequel (which is considered a spinoff, not a prequel, by EA) Command and Conquer: Red Alert for free. You'll enjoy them, I'm sure.

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