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pls help me ceate ghost image .... How To Create "ghost" Images (norton) On Windows

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pls help me ceate ghost image ....How To Create "ghost" Images (norton) On Windows

dear all friends ,need your help


hello.Could u help me show step by step from install norton ghost 11 .Till create image ,I know how to clone disk to disk .But now I need to learn the step to install norton ghost 11 in ms dos the norton ghost that I have is portable bcoz I only knew to use norton ghost 11 .Pls anyone could help me really urgently need your help .I always fail to install norton in ms dos,I always confius does norton ghost need windows system to use  or install ghost bcoz the third time I try to install it says no bootup system found,and the fourth time when I tried to install ghost the windows system corrupts (ghost not installed yet) its straightly hangs and reboot automaticly,pls help really appreciate your help.I aalso try a few from this website but I still cant make done, I guess if someone teach me how to install ghost my problem will b solved .The rest ill try by my self .B4 requesting  I had tried to install ghost 7times .and I still fail ..Pls anyone help me.../txtmngr/images/smileys/smiley6.Gif


-question by dash

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