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This tutorial is for all those people who are still hesitant to use torrents anaware of the the fact that how it can dramatically improve their data sharing experience over the web.Most of us using the Broadband connections are in a usual habit of sharing & downloading stuff from the internet. The stuff I am talking about ranges from Movies, Games, Videos, Songs, Software, Pictures, and EBooks etc. Among all these, those with the big file sizes are a big heck to download due to the low speeds we get from the server containing the file. It is because of a large number of users downloading the same file at the same instant. This led to the idea of Peer2Peer network sharing which literally means sharing with & through friends. BitTorrent is one of a lot of such technologies letting us to share stuff more easily & speedily.
Here I will tell you how to use BitTtorrent to make your work real easy without going deep inside how it works. For a brief knowledge, you may think it as a network where there is a main server containing the file to be shared. Suppose there are ten people who want to download this file at the same time, the server will break the file into a large number of small chunks & send different parts to all the users & the users will share remaining parts from each other. Here a network is formed where each one is downloading the stuff & at the same time uploading it to other users resulting in awesome download speed. This way a large number of users downloading same file increase speed rather than slowing it down. This is what we called BitTorrent protocol. This complete process is tracked by tracker servers which take care of all this sharing stuff.
A torrent is a very small file with the suffix .torrent. It contains all the information about the download like the names of files, sizes, download server address & other information. We can start a download by the torrent file using a BitTorrent Client.
This was a brief intro about BitTorrent Protocol & Torrent files. I know its not enough but you donât need to know more if you are a casual downloader who just need your work done.
For all other enthusiast, just Google it. You will find all you want to know about it. Or you may check out following two links:
¡ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_protocol
¡ http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
Now I will tell you how to download stuff using BitTorrent.
First of all you need to have a BitTorrent Client. It is a software which is installed on your desktop. There are a lot of them but my favorite & most popular one is uTorrent (for Windows). However if you are a Mac or Linux user, you can try Transmission (for Mac) & KTorrent (for LINUX).
The next step is to search for a torrent. There are a lot of sites where you can search & find any torrent. A few of them are Isohunt, TorrentBox, Mininova etc. There are many more out there.
Now search for your file & download the torrent. It will be of a few Kilo Bytes in size.
Now just go to the location on your hard drive where you downloaded the torrent file & double click it. It will open up with the Torrent Client (like uTorrent) you installed on your PC in the previous step.
Just set the location where you want to store the downloaded file & click ok. The downloading will start. Thatâs it. Now you just have to wait your download to be completed in much less time than the conventional one to many download method.
Different Torrent clients provide almost all the features provided by common Download Managers like scheduling etc. You may explore the options to find them.
This was a very small & easy description of how to download a file using Torrent. Hope it helps. For any query, feel free to contact me anytime.
Note: Some or all of these Torrent Networks described here may contain copyrighted material. This tutorial is for educational purpose only & Abhineet Labs is not responsible if you download or share any such material.

Copyright: This article was originally created by me for my blog http://www.abhineetlabs.co.cc/. It is licenced under CC. I have reproduced it here exclusively for Xisto Forum. :D
Edited by yordan
Quoted the text copied from http://www.abhineetlabs.co.cc/tutorials/bittorrent-downloading-is-easy-fast/ (see edit history)

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Your article was published at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ on Aug.23, more than one month ago.

I have reproduced it here exclusively for Xisto Forum.

Sorry, but, we cannot accept as a tutorial a text which has already been published somewhere else.

We only accept original texts.

So, if you want to post the same text in several places, you have to put it at Xisto first.

Then, you can post it in other forums, between proper quote tabs, mentioning that your text has been first published at Xisto.

If you really need to post a copied text, for instance for example purposes, you have to put it between quote tags.

Please read our forum rules more carefully : posting copied text without quotes is considered as plagiarism and can lead to a ban.

I did the quoting job for you today. Next time I expect you to do the quoting job by yourself. :D

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