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New Mmorpg Online Game Shadow Castle Mu Online Full Season 4 New MMORPG Online Game Shadow Castle Mu Online Full Season 4

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Full Season 4

Exp - 1300x [ 1350x during happy hour event ]

Drop - 80% [ 90% during happy hour event ]

Max level 400



Arena Off!! instead all maps full of spots !!



No jwl in shops , jwl drop from mobs ,heart of love ,box of heaven and Medals!!

Items +7 in shops !!


[Jwl Rates]

SoulWithLuckSuccessRate =90

SoulNoLuckSuccessRate =70

LifeSuccessRate =100



CBmix10 =90

CBmix11 =80

CBmix12 =75

CBmix13 =70

CBmixMaxRate =100


Posted Image


New Duel System!!

Skill tree working!

PCPoint system working!

Illusion Temple working!

Duel system working!

Summoner 380 items!

New maps!


Posted Image


Castle Siege every saturday!

Crywolf Event

Sky Event

Moss Event

Raklion Event

HitAndUp event

Happyhaur event

IllusionTemplate Event

Blue Event

Cursed King Invasion

And other original by webzen.






Thx All : W8 Another new Up Dates


We Are Diffrent - We Try To Be The Best - And We Will Be

Edited by yordan
quoted the text copied from http://www.gamerzneeds.net/forums/private-servers/156995-shadow-castle-mu-season-4-exp-1300-drop-80-new-world.html (see edit history)

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as soon as i read this post i went to their homepage and started to download this game...i hope it's what i expect it to be...i played lots of MMORPG'S,but i hope this one is what i'm looking for

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Sorry, SisteMo, you already posted this thread here : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
You cannot post the same topics on several forum, at least at Xisto you must quote the copied part.
Even if you are the original author of a post, you must post it at Xisto first, or you must quote the copied text.
I did the quoting job for you today, next time I expect you to do the quoting job by yourself.

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i downloaded the game....and what do u think....i don't like it...its too very-old looking and not my gamestyle....i like games similar to knight,World of warcraft(but i dont like that kind of commercial games which are worldwide spread),Silkroad(very good game,but i got bored playing it)....

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