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Multiple Categories With Subcategories multiple categories with subcategories

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Hello guyz I'm looking for the names of the different ways how the complex categories with

sub- and subcategories could be presented on web page using css.

So far what I found are:

1. Create an ordered list of links.
All is visible at once, but to find what you need you may have to scroll 3-4 screens down. Sidebar should be very wide. Not good.

2. Horizontal or vertical collapsible-expandable menus.
Only main categories are visible until mouse over. I don't like them as a user. Very much.

3. Main page has main simple vertical menu with several categories.
Each link leads to the page with secondary menu with subcategories wit sub-subcategories (3rd level).

n own turn, the page where 3rd level subcategory lead, has page 1, 2, 3 and more.
That what I'm using now.
The problem is that main menu (vertical on sidebar) is still present on each page, and subnavigation is below it, what looks weird.
The option place subnavigation on the page content space looks equally strange.

Are there other ways to manage complex subcategies that I missed?
Website is html/css. If you can give me the name of css element, I could do the search on how in should be coded.

Thank you. :(

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text copied from http://www.frihost.com/forums/vt-106835.html (see edit history)

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Please do not post copied text in this forum.
your topic is copied from http://www.frihost.com/forums/vt-106835.html
When you find another interesting problem, please put it between quotes.
By the way, while copying this posts, you should also have kindly copied the solution of the problem, in the original topic you can read :

Responding to myself:Opt. 1:
Vertical top level category menu, clicking on the category opens the page filled by subcategories (or direct article names, as index).

Opt. 2:
Some templates have the second level category (subcategory) embedded into menu. It looks really good. Not much of them, but you can find them if you will pay attention if menu contains one level or two levels of categories.

Opt. 3:
Tabs or menu on the header image for main navigation (home, about, sitemap, contact), and categories in a vertical menu on the left, subcategories opens in the second narrow column that is always present (nothing slides on the page).

Know more? Add here.
It is no longer a problem for me, but may be just interesting to know. Wink

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