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Facebook Or Myspace?

FaceBook or mySpace?  

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Facebook. Just as sofiaweb pointed out, unlike MySpace, Facebook is not cluttered with plethora of irrelevant information that you usually see in MySpace profiles. Add to that the fact that MySpace lets you personalise your page with custom CSS code, and you get profiles that have billions of different colours and are, of course, impossible to view.Facebook had a similar "problem" some time ago, when all the applications a user uses would be stored on his/her profile page. I almost never use applications, so don't know how that worked, but I know that these profiles load too slow on my computer - which, by the way, isn't slow at all. However, the new design solves that problem as well, giving Facebook a clear advantage over MySpace.And it has more users :(

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I don't know why but i voted for MySpace. I saw the both sites, and the both sites are great, great design, friend founder... I think Facebook is more serious i the job than MySpace. But MySpace holds the music priority very good. You can upload song,listen and even download if the user allowed the song to be downloaded.My friends are hanging on the both sites but i have account only on MySpace, and i am too lazy to make account on Facebook :(

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