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2 Screens & 1 Plasma How ? How To Connect Dual/triple Monitor + Advantages

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2 Screens & 1 Plasma How ?How To Connect Dual/triple Monitor + Advantages

Gents, Excuse my lack of know how. I have a Nvidia GeForce 7600Gb 512MB graphics card.

I am currently running 2 Benq LCD screens (as PC screens) via the card. I want to be able to connect my Panasonic Plasma when I play games. I know the card has an SVIDEO out and the TV has SVIDEO in so no problem there.

My question is since I have the the desktop splayed across the 2 screens (and I have set it up this way on purpose) what is the easiset way to send the signal out to the tv when I want to play games ? In reality I really don't want to be changing the setting on the desktop from dual screen mode to single mode everytime I play my games. Even worse I don't want to unplug and plug in cables evertime I want to switch from desktop to tv... That would be a pain.

I havent tried to plug the tv in yet (don't know what might happen to video card.Any info would be great.

I am also open to suggestion. Don't mind if I have to change any hardware. If there is a program that I can place on my desktop that I can swithc from one to another bonus !

Thanks in advance

-reply by John Aposto


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