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Computer Programmer Job Vs Setting Up A Company

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Once again, I am looking at you guys for advice. The last time I did was when I joined this forum.

Having recently completed my graduation, I'm on the lookout for a job. I did get a PHP developer job but didn't join the company because it was extremely small and the workplace was a person's house. Also, the pay was extremely less, Rs. 3,500 (~70 USD) per month. 3,500 here in Kolkata is a lot more than what it is in Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. But still, it was very less.

I had a tiff with the people at the placement division because of this. I stated that the company was not fit enough to be called one; courtesy of the poor infrastructure. They didn't like my comments and told me to look for a job on my own. So, I have been trying through various job portals (Monster, TimesJobs, etc). All I have got until now were scams asking for money from myself. I was banking on an interview from my friend's company which is based in mumbai. But, the interview is still largely at bay. The thing is they only hire B-Techs and I am not one of them.

What I have, is a lot of experience (extra-curricularly - 3+ yrs) in developing .NET based applications on my website maxotek.net. I also learned Web development using (PHP, JavaScript, CSS - 2+yrs) while trying to setup this portal for my softwares. Its my firm belief that I deserve a better job, even during the time of recession. By better, I mean, the company should have a good system in place where I would be able to learn and not just work like a mule. Salary is not that important and I am ready to work for less pay, but in a good company. My earnings from maxotek will help me out on this one.

Despite the fight with the placement division, they are still trying to get me interviews in a good company. I am quite thankful to them for their gesture. Just a few days back, I was asked about my Core Java skills; to which I stated having learned it as part of our curriculum but having no real experience with projects. So, I wasn't sent for this interview. Before this though, I was asked if I was interested for a VB .NET developer job (pay 6K - 8K INR). I had said yes and was told that I would be called for the interview. Its been over 10 days now and that interview is no where to be seen.

Another option I have is that of setting up my own company. In fact, it is my ultimate goal. But, before I do that it would be better to learn how the corporate world works. Then there is the uncertainty about the availability of projects. A client of mine (from maxotek) says he will be able to provide projects of around 10K - 20K USD (with a little share in it for him). Its very lucrative but risky too. Once a network of satisfied users is set up, I believe there is a guarantee of sustenance. But, is it worth the risk, until then? What do you guys think?

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