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The folks at WebAssist.com recently has published a series of some semi-technical training resources called Roadmap Series, Your guide to Web success, according to the information published these are intented to help everyone involved on building websites to do it faster.


Until now, five editions have been published by Webassist as part of the Roadmap Series, and yes, all of them are free and ready to download in Pdf format. If you are in a hurry you can download them directly from the links that i post below or if you have some time you can download them from the Webassist website.


For me the second option is better and i recommend to use it because at the WebAssist website you can find not only this documents, also there are some other useful resources.


The Roadmap Series published until now are:


CSS The How and the Why:

* Covers key benefits of moving to CSS

* CSS vs table based positioning code comparison

* CSS building blocks explained

* Browser testing best practices

Search Engine Optimization: The Basics:

* What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it important

* Keywords: what works and what doesn't

* Basic overview of offsite and onsite optimization

Styling Forms with CSS :

* How to properly style your forms

* Learn to style multiple forms on a single page differently

* Altering input fields, changing labels and legends

* Adding focus to a form element through CSS

Website Hosting 101:

* Understanding various hosting options

* Explanation of cost structures, features and expertise needed

* Tips to help you decide on which option is best for you

* Introduction to cloud computing

Planning your site:

* Primary consideration before your begin

* Determining your audience and resources

* Navigational models explained

* Written by the Dreamweaver Bible series author Joseph Lowery

Adjusting Layout Styles:

* Overview and Benefits of Template Parameters.

* Learn to Use Template Expressions.

* Work with Embedded Styles or External Style Sheets.

* Written by Dreamweaver Expert Joseph Lowery.

Diagnostic CSS Styling:

* What is Diagnostic CSS Styling?

* Using Starting Point Styles.

* Adding DTSS (Design Time Style Sheets) for Dynamic Page.

* Styling to Identify Inline JavaScript.

* Created by Danilo Celic, WebAssist Senior Software Engineer.

JavaScript Improvements in Modern Web Browsers:

* Defining Modern Browsers .

* Breakdowns of the Modern Browsers.

Safari 4.


Firefox 3.5

Dynamic Image Watermarks:

* Learn how to use PHP to dynamically create images.

* What is the GD Image Library and what can it do for you?

* Determining the location of your watermarks.

* Output and test your scripts.

Streamline your web development with Firebug:

* What is Firebug?

* Editing HTML and CSS in Real Time

* How to Monitor AJAX Calls

* Testing Pages in Multiple Browsers

* Learn Other Cool Tips and Tricks

Best regards,


Added items 6,7,8,9 and 10.

Edited by TavoxPeru (see edit history)

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