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The purpose of my website is to make money online, iam over 18 and i have a bank acount along with a credit card. The problem is i live in lebanon which is not on paypal list which is annoying since before i noticed it i sent a small amount of $ to my paypal acount. Any ways i succesfully added my visa card number to paypal but it requires verification with a cost, the visa card i have is from a lebanese bank and they told me that it can be used on the internet (my friend used a similar one) so there is no problem their. Its just i chose another country which doesn't have a branch of my bank. Will i be able to recieve payments through the visa to my acount or is it not possible for me (in lebanon) to be paid via paypal.Also, i registered on moneybookers.com and it has lebanon on its list, does anyone know if i can recieve payments through it to lebanon cuz it also charges a card verification fee.A clear anwser would be really appreciated =), and a similar services which deals with lebanon will be appreciated even more =)Also to whome i send a mail if i wanted to contact moneybookers staff i can't find it and the preanwsered questions aren't what i need.

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You first posted this topic in the hosted member support forum. This is not really technical issue the forum support should solve, it looks rather like a need for help concerning the way to move money from a buyer's account to the seller's bank, in case Paypal cannot do this. That's why I moved your topic here, where it will more probably find and answer.RegardsYordan

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