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Seeking "mammon" is the root of all kinds of evil For You Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

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Seeking "mammon" is the root of all kinds of evilFor You Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

 This is essentially the New Covenant (New Testament) analogue to "Thou shalt have no other gods before me".  Here's my (incomplete) proof (several assumptions based on biblical teachings follow, so to follow those who don't believe must suspend disbelief for a moment):

Starting with the assumption that God is light (1st John).  It follows that evil/Satan is darkness.  What is darkness but LACK of light?

God is love (1st John 4).  It follows that evil/Satan is hate.  What is hate but LACK of love?  

God is good.  It follows that evil/Satan is bad.  What is bad but LACK of good?

God is life.  It follows that evil/Satan is death.  What is death but LACK of life?

God is everything.  It follows that evil/Satan is nothing.  What is nothing but LACK?

To summarize: God is light, love, good.  God is everything.  Everything is light (energy) as Einstein shows in the famous equation E=MC2.  Basically, all matter is just energy bundled in particular patterns.

Everything is good.  There is no inherent evil in any physical object or in light.  But evil exists.  How so?

Evil is nothing, as shown above.  Evil is "no thing".  Yet evil exists.  If evil exists, but nothing physical is evil, then evil must be an idea.  And if God is everything, everywhere, present, full, good, love, and light, then evil is nothing, nowhere, absent, empty, darkness, and loneliness - all ideas speaking to LACK of something.

So sin/evil/Satan is the idea of LACK.  Those who seek to "own" or "possess" things do so out of a sense that there is a LACK of resources, money, love, etc.  In this mindset, I have to "get mine" before someone else gets it, because there's only so much to go around.  I can be rich or poor and still not be wealthy.  True wealth is understanding that there is no LACK.  There is light and love and joy in every situation, in every place in the universe.  Nature abhors a vacuum - there is a reason for that.  Everything is full.  

A person begins to behave in "sinful" ways when they believe in LACK, or begin to disbelieve in FULLNESS.  There is no LACK.  There is only the idea of lack, and the behaviors that this idea drives (greed).  

I like this line from the song "Tattoo" - "Can't look back, give it a moment / I realize that NOTHING IS BROKEN".  Nothing is broken.  Emptiness is broken.  Loneliness is broken.  Hate is broken.  Death is broken.  But, from a different perspective, Nothing is broken; "broken" is just an excuse not to do the work to fix something or to realize that even "broken" things can still be used, even if for something else.  

That's convoluted, but it's where I'm at.  Paul writes that he "thinks himself happy".  When we "rejoice in all things", we seek the good in every situation; and there is good in every situation.  It just takes vision to see it.

-reply by Jason


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