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Does Nero 9 Vision Crashes System? Nero Problems

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Does Nero 9 Vision Crashes System?Nero Problems

I, too, have trouble with Nero Vision 9. Just after the page opens, the screen goes dark.  No BSOD or anything.  I'm using Win XP SP3 Home.  It's not just NeroVision, but also any part of the suite that tries to do anything with DVDs.  One net site suggested it might have something to do with Windows Media player, so I downgraded from v11 to the previous version 9 with no benefit.  Also started with an empty startup using msconfig without help.  Even though there is no BSOD, Microsoft says it was that type of crash and suggested updating drivers (done), uninstalling hardware (all of the installs done after upgrading hard drive), and other so far unhelpful ideas.  Anyone else having this problem?

-reply by Ward


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