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Mysql 5.0 Server with .NET (ASPX) - mysql database cross size limit MySQL Database Problems

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Mysql 5.0 Server with .NET (ASPX) - mysql database cross size limitMySQL Database Problems


I have a Mysql 5.0 Server. And same server I host my site coded in .NET (ASPX). My site is goes to the database and pick data from there and display it over internet. Now when my pick time starts at that movment my site is working very slow. Some times it goes time out or page can not be displayed.


I cant understand is this prob. Of mysql or site ?

my database size is approx 4.5 GB.


In advance thanks for  help


-question by SurajKeywords:

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There are numerous reasons that your site could be running slowly. Of course there could always be hardware concerns. Your statement seems to indicate that the database and the web server are on the same box. Checking your hardware's performance logs could reveal problems.

Though there may be hardware issues I am going to guess that the performance issues are more likely to be a result of poor database and/or query optimization. First take a look at your database design and determine of you have followed the rules of normalization or normal form. Then have someone else take a look at your data model, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Remember you can nad should check up on the health of your database as well.

If you have all your data normalized and modeled well take a look at your queries. With MySQL you can append the the EXPLAIN statement to the front of a SELECT query to see how well it is running. If your SELECT queries are not searching indexes then you will be able to determine where you need indexes based on the information given. Be sure to read the documentation topic about optimization.

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