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"IF", "AND" COMBO - Excel Spreadsheet Question Excel Question

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"IF", "AND" COMBO - Excel Spreadsheet Question
Excel Question
All of the examples provide a correct response sometime, and when used separately do provide a correct response all the time.

I am trying to combine the two "AND" statements to the first "IF"statement, the main reason to avoid having to use 2 columns for a different circumstance.
Both statement are the same but the second statement refers to different values.Thanks for the quick response.

A two part IT statement: I get two answers for the same statement, sometime times one is correct.

Example # 1:

IF(A=WHITE,IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))), IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))),"NO","")))EXAMPLE # 2 IF(A=WHITE,IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))), IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))),"NO",""),""))EXAMPLE # 3 IF(A=WHITE,IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))), IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))),"NO"),""))EXAMPLE # 4 IF(A=WHITE,IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))), IF(AND(X>(Y+(Z*2)),L>(M+(and*2)),are>(S+(T*2))),"NO","")),"")

If the first IF statement is false, I do not want a TRUE or FALSE answer, just answer of "NO" or to be left blank. All of these examples will provide the correct when used alone, but only sometimes when combined.

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