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Html Pages Not Getting Recognized By Ie (windows Xp Sp2) While opening the sites, asking to download the file.

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Hi all,


I'm having a strange problem. Recently I have reinstalled my OS with a Windows XP (Slipstreamed with SP2) Installation CD.

After installation , I could not browse any pages using the IE.


When I try to open any site, it will show the file download windows.

Please check the below screenshot.


Posted Image

Posted Image


Its the window which I got while opening https://www.google.de/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=BwkjVKfAD8uH8QfckIGgCQ&gws_rd=ssl


But I am able to open the pages in Firefox without any issues.

The same installation CD is working fine for other systems.


Can any body help me please??










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A browser decides whether it should open or save a web resource by looking up its MIME type. This MIME type is contained in the HTTP Content-Type header. The way I see it, there are only two possible causes:-1. Your ISP is messing up the content type header. (Has happened to me before, when I was using Reliance's GPRS which used to often go out of service and send a WML page which IE could not recognize).2. The registry keys that contain the MIME types to be opened by IE, have got deleted. (I am only guessing this one as I am not sure if this information is built into the application or stored in the registry or INI/XML file.)Possible solutions can include saving the file when the save file dialog box is shown and making sure that the content/source is correct. You can also install the firebug extension in firefox and check the raw HTTP responses being sent using the NET panel of firebug. You can also try re-installing Internet Explorer from Microsoft's website. It is possible that some of the files got corrupted while slip-streaming.

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