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Cannot Delete Mysql Database

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Now that I have switched over to the new hosting plan format, I am getting this error:

ATTENTION: Using 5 out of 5 available MySQL databases


.highlight{ display:none; } Warning: You are currently using the maximum number of MySQL databases. If you need more please contact your service provider.

I have 1 database for WordPress, 1 for Joomla, 1 for a site that I used to run, 1 for testing out a new product I'm making and 1 that is stuck there for some reason.


The one that I want to delete is:


portal_xkdforum 0.02 MB Delete Database

For some reason, when I click Delete Database, it says it has been deleted but it is still there. I tried creating a user to go with it and then deleting it, but it doesn't delete for some reason.


How do I get rid of this unused database?

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Which plan did you order? If you're using more Databases than your plan lets you, then I think it might be some restriction in the programming of the whole thing, so I guess you need to write a Support ticket and you'll get your problems solved soon enough..The problem with Logic Plan is that it gives by default only 1 mysql DB or you can get more for 0.99$ as I remember, thats why I choose the Logic PRO plan, even though it costs 5.95$ a month, but it has ~100 mysql DB and it's much cheaper than using Logic plan with extra addons :P unless you only need mysql DB..Try writing a "Submit ticket" in the Xisto client panel to fix the problem for you. :rolleyes:

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