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Can't Load The User Profile In Windows Vista

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A client of mine have a notebook running Windows Vista Premium edition configured with five different users accounts, where only one of these accounts is able to log on to the system and starts it's session correctly.The other four accounts can't be able to do this, and instead of this, Vista shows an error message all the time saying something like this:error in the service User Profile Service when starting a sessionyou can not load the user profile.This happens also when he try to change to one of the other four user accounts configured in his machine.Does anybody knows how to fix this problem???Best regards,

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It usually means that user profiles were incorrect wiped using the uber-advanced tool (control userpasswords2) or that the registry keys for the user profiles (the SIDs particularly) have been corrupted or deleted.


Go into Safe Mode and log into an account with administrative privileges. (If you can, avoid using Administrator because you can't access it via normal mode) Copy the other users documents, videos, music, files, etc into separate folders, (preferably on the desktop) and delete the old accounts through Control Panel. Check in control userpasswords2 to see if they are deleted.


Now go back into normal mode and create new user accounts. Recopy the files into the user accounts as you backed up them.


Hope this helps!!

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First of all thanks a lot for your information @FirefoxRocks really helpful, and second of all, that's exactly what i'm thinking to happen, something related to user profiles folders or registry keys corrupted. One question where is located the control userpasswords2????


Yesterday after digging the file system of this notebook i notice that the folders for these four users does not exists and now you confirm it with your post.


Another thing that i did yesterday was to try to log into the system in safe mode with one of these four user accounts that can't login only to see what happens, the results of this test was that only administrator's users accounts can access the system, but another error message appears, this time saying that the user profile can't be loaded and instead of this the default profile will be used temporaly, or something like that, again, your post confirm the problem.


Now, the only thing to do is to follow your instructions and i hope that this procedure can fix the problem.


Best regards,

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