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Free Web Hosting - Free Domain Name purchasing free domain name with myCENT

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myCENT is a new Credit System V3 developed by OpaQue. To start earning myCENT towards free domain name, please follow our forum rules.


Once you have enough myCENT (about $999 myCENT or $9.99 Account Credit Balance found in Billing and Support) follow this direction to purchase any available domain name.


First, if you have not done so, register with Billing and Support. It is IMPORTANT that you use the same email address as the forum registration.


Step 1


Go to the left navigation ORDER. At the bottom of Click To Continue button you will see Order Domain Registration Only.


Posted Image


Step 2


Select the option that fits you the best: Choose to register a new domain or transfer a domain with Xisto


Posted Image


Step 3


If your domain is available to purchase or ready to be transferred the next screen confirms your selection and displays the annual registration fee. Click on the domain status (AVAILABLE) and proceed to the next step by clicking Add To Cart button.


Posted Image


Step 4


NEW!!! ID protection, a.k.a. Domain Privacy, is FREE with Xisto. I know it's amazing. And the recent update to our shopping cart allows you to alter nameservers for your domain, absolutely free! If you leave it blank, the default is ns.computinghost.com and ns2.computinghost.com. And yes, you can purchase domain though Xisto and use with other hosting services. But why, I don't know--we have the best free web hosting, no ads plans!


Posted Image


Step 5


The next step is for you to review and change any information that might have been overlooked. Be sure to double check your order before proceeding to the checkout.


Posted Image


Step 6


Payment option allows you to use any forms of payment type, including myCENT which is earned through contributing to our forums. It's that simple! Make sure your contact and billing information is registered properly and select the payment type as myCENT. Review and understand the Terms Of Service and Complete Order.


Posted Image


Step 7


When you complete your order, the next screen will provide you with a confirmation number. You will also receive an email from Xisto - Web Hosting confirming your order and order status. Since myCENT is automatically deposited into your account as Account Credit Balance, the invoice will be paid immediately (pending you have enough Account Credit Balance to pay). The actual order will be complete within 24 hours (a standard registration period).


Posted Image


Step 8


You can confirm that your invoice is paid by going to your Client Area and checking Account Credit Balance.

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