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Firefox Dream Packages - Condense

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Dream Package #1
Dream Package #2
Dream Package #3
Dream Package #4
Dream Package #5

Last Year I had created a good series of topics on the best of the best in Firefox extensions that I believe everyone should have, especially since each group is targeted for each specific group of users.

Package #1 Deals with web design extensions that help make web designers life on Firefox a lot easier.

Package #2 Deals with browser effects meaning that each extension makes Firefox more dynamic such as link previews, doing a full back up of everything that your Firefox has such as bookmarks, password stuff like that.

Package #3 Deals with quirky extensions that unique and somewhat useless, but their are a few that make lives easier, especially if you have a bunch of email accounts.

Package #4 This package deals with Google specifically, such as adsense, gmail and even the almighty google search engine itself. Besides the web designers package this is one I would really recommend if your a Google power user.

Package #5 Is mostly extensions that don't fit no category or rather a mix, but some are pretty good enough to install though.

If you check out the links I give a brief summary of each extension and most everyone should be familiar with some of these.

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Great packs, thanks for share it, but i can't find what i'm looking for.

I'm looking for an extension for Firefox 3 that can be used to export and/or import my Firefox bookmarks into several file formats like HTML, XML or CSV, this extension can be to able to select one or a group of bookmarks, one folder or a group of folders, or all the bookmarks content.

I'm interested in this kind of extension because the built in option that comes with Firefox sucks, it only allows to export/import all the bookmarks in html format.

Do you know an extension for this task?

Best regards,

A couple of days ago i found an extension for Firefox 3 that do this, it is named OPML Support. This Firefox extension allows to export/import the Firefox Bookmarks, Livemarks or both to an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file, which is a simple XML file format.

If you need more information relating to this extension visit the following topic Opml Support Plugin For Firefox, OPML import/export functionality that i just post.

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I know FEBE exports everything or you can be specific on what to export and you can import as well so if you need to reinstall Firefox from scratch or something you can use this extension.

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