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How To Resize Many Photos

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Hello, I will try to teach you how to resize many images in fast time.

1- You need to download this program>> Fotosizer
You can download it HERE

2- After the download you need to install the aplication, the instalation is very simple, like other simple install.

3- Open the installed program.

4- Click in Add folder (if you want to recise all one folder) or click in Add image.

5- In resize settings you can select the custom size, in destination folder you must select the correct destination folder than you want.

6- Click in START

7- All your images is recized!!!

Thx!! (sorry for my bad english) Good bye.

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Image Magic(magik/magick/something...I forget the spelling they used and dont feel like looking it up) also is a good program for this sort of thing. It is a command line utility (or at least was last time I used it) so it may scare off some people who feel they need a GUI but it is a pretty deep program that can resize, rename, etc large numbers of images at a time. I know I used it for stitching entire directories of images together into animations to create animated versions of output from a program I developed.I'm not saying not to check out fotosizer, it's just always nice to have options ;)

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