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hey all...
i need help with something..
i need to save a variable during login
variable is users Username
i have login.php which leads to checklogin.php to check for username/password which finnaly leads to login_success.php...
every of those include config.php

i had in mind to save that variable in config.php....
i tried that by setting

for the first line in checklogin.php and including config.php after that to save that username with
i could echo username on the login_success.php page but not on matches.php
i need to echo that username in matches.php...how do i do it?

(i think it needs to be $_SESSION[] variable or something like that,but i heard that that doesnt work,please respond as soon as posssible since i never continue my work without doing something in my mind...

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Yes, you need to use session to save and use that variable across all your pages.

Call this at the start of any page that you need access session variable


Then, you can set the variable like this, in your checklogin.php, so that when you redirect to your login_success.php, you can retrieve the Username.
$_SESSION['action']  = 'a';	$_SESSION['Username']  = $_POST['username'];
Well, you can't actually get your username from $_POST, even if you can, it's not recommended. Try setting that with the result from your database. Normally I would just store UsernameID, because most of the other table I had are link to the User table via UsernameID. That way, I can access any table relating to that user by just referring to the ID. Better still if you store both, one for display and one for internal use.

To retrieve the session variable, use it like any global variable
$username = $_SESSION['Username'];	echo $_SESSION['Username'];

One last thing, do the following when you "Logout" the user
//Set $_SESSION to a new array(), overwriting the old one	$_SESSION = array();	//Make the cookie expired if the cookie is used when you create the session	if (isset($_COOKIE[session_name()])) {		//Set the time of the cookie to the past, so it will expired immediately. Can't remember why I use 42000, but It was recommended by a site		setcookie(session_name(), '', time()-42000, '/');	}	//Finally destry the who session information	session_destroy();
These are done improve security of your site. Of cause you also need to touch up other section of your site in order to be fully secure.

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Glad that helps. If you need to more information, head to http://php.net/. Better still if you download the documentation, so you can search and read offline, very useful. http://php.net/download-docs.php. Personally i like the chm format.

Read the comment in the documentation too, sometime it's give very good tips.

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