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Gta San Andreas Multiplayer(sa-mp)

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I know that this forum is called "Online Multiplayer RPG Games", and that most people do not associate the GTA games with RPG games.

Though, in the last year iv been playing the modification of San Andreas, called San Andreas Multiplayer.


What is it?:

As long as you got San Andreas (standalone, not via Steam or anything like that), you can download and play SA-MP. There's a lot of GMs (game modes), such as RPG, deathmatch, Cops And Robbers etc.

The RPG GMs is the most fun. You pretend you are a person living a life in the San Andreas (Los Santos, Las Venturas or San Fierro). You can often choose between being an cop/fbi, lawyer, boxer, car jacker, gun dealer, leader of a family / mafia ++.





Give me the website!:

Here you go:


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