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Shaiya....hmm dont know where to start...

here we go...i've played alot of gameson the internet...MMORPGS and FPS,i played WoW too(on private server) but i still think this game is great and it's still in open beta...

so i only said about it thatit's great and rpg nothing else....

in the game you have few modes of playing.



Easy mode-you get 5 skill points per level,you can level only to lvl 30,you get experience very fast,you cant use good armors,and u dont get special skills.

Normal mode-You get 5 skill points like in easy mode,experience is normal,you get special skills

Hard mode-once u get to level 50 with your normal mode character,you can start game from the beginning with HM character,you need more experience than in normal mode,but you get 7skill points

Ultimate mode-you can unlock this mode by leveling your HM character to lvl 50,this is nice,you get 9 skill points per level but you need even more exp than in hard mode



you can choose 2 sides to join in, Dark(Darkies) and Light(Lighties) there are like no difference at this sides...



(Human) Fighter or (Nordein) Warrior

thats common melee fighter.he can use one handed sword and shield,two handed sword or dual swords.

he is good for soloing but not for partying


(Human) Defender or (Nordein) Guardian

he is tanker,bears shield and one handed sword, barely who can touch him,he is best for partying with mages


(Elf) Mage or (Vail) Pagan

this is magic guy which cast spells to kill creatures he has AoE (area of effect) spells which are for damaging multiple creatures around the targeted creature,not very nice to solo with

Uses staff or dagger


(Human) Priest or (Vail) Oracle

he is the guy who heals all over best to party with AoE party(Party in which there are Defender(Guardian) and one or two Mages (Pagans))

Uses staff or dagger


(Elf) Ranger or (Vail) Assassin

is the man of soloing the only thing he is good for is that...if you dont want to find a party,take him,it will make your life easier

Uses short blades and claw weapons


(Elf) Archer or (Nordein) Hunter

the long range guy which uses his arrows to shoot the creatures..

Uses bows and crossbows



pvp zone is the zone in which you can kill members of opposing faction,there is pvp zone (1-15),(20-30) and (1-60)

but beware when going 1 vs 1 with someone,maybe he is on hard mode or ultimate mode(if you are on normal mode)



those are items which can be linked to equipment by a blacksmith in a town and can only be obtained from monsters on the PvP maps.



There are many types of items in this game

normal has no slot

noble has 1 slot

worship has 2 slots

heroic has 3 slots

dread has 4 slots

legend has 5 slots

goddess has 6 slots

(slots are number of lapis you can put in equipment)



there are all sorts of monsters but whn you click on one you can see name over it in color,color are marking which level they are.

White-- 6 or more levels below you--(notice:no exp)

Light blue-- 4 or 5 leves below you

Blue-- 2 or 3 levels below you

Green-- Your level ±1

Yellow-- 2 or 3 levels above you

Orange-- 4 or 5 levels above you

Red-- 6 or 7 levels above you

Purple-- 8 or 9 levels above you

Grey-- 10 or more levels above you--(notice:no exp)



Aeria points are points which you can obtain only with real life money,you can buy it on website




well thats all from me... i think i said all...btw did i say it is great game...try it




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I play Shaiya and you made a small mistake. Once you get your character, or toon as we call them in game, to level 40 you can progress to the next mode, not 50. It is good to keep your normal mode charcater around and do not delete it, because you can still progress in the game and the other maps are only available to those above a certain level. 

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