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Basic Html Tutorial Made it myself, hope you like it.

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Nicely summarized, thanks. As you say, it's your way of telling this, I like the way saying that very few things are really necessary in order to make a simple html page with a title, a small text, a picture and a clickable link. And I love the way to resize too big pictures just in the html tab syntax.

<IMG SRC="/the/directory/its/kept/in/exapmle.extension"> THis will display the specified picture from the specified directory.On windows it must contain the full path (C:\whatever)

I don't agree with this. In windows like in Linux or in standard Unix, I often use relative paths, relative to the index.html location. I very often use "pics/mydog.jpg"
This is very useful for servers like Xisto, where you don't know the absolute path of your files, you only know the path relatively to your account home directory.

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