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please take the tutorial rules into account. They are written on top of the tutorial page. Mainly the two following ones :

1. The Tutorials have to be of a bare minimum length of 500 words to be accepted.3. The Tutorials must be written in your own language. This is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT rule of all. They should not be copied off another site (Plagiarism) and directly pasted here. Plagiarism can lead to a BAN.

1) The present topic violates the first rule, it's far below the 500 words threreshold.
2) The present topic is not fully yours, it's coming from http://free-flv-to-wav-converter.mp4kits.com/
Posting copied text is not really forbidden. However, you have to put it between quotes, like this :

this text is from Yordan, I quote it

Your text is coming from http://free-flv-to-wav-converter.mp4kits.com/You should have mentioned it, for politeness first, secondly for sake of honesty. If you do not quote the text you copy, the moderators around here could think that you are trying to cheat with the hosting credit system, and that makes them really angry.

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