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Engine001 is a program used to create 2d based RPG games. No scripting knowledge is required and building your own personal games are FUN. You also can publish your games for free without consulting the program owners.






The guiding principle moderating 001's construction has always been that the experience proves enjoyable to Mike Weir and Pierre Cayer - this remains true to this day. Keeping this in mind, it is important we acknowledge the following in order to deter potential grievances in their regard:


* 001 is not 3D.

* Vehicles within 001 do not have the same perspective as everything else.

* From 001's programming, to its artwork, to its music, perfection should not be expected (although quality should) - we're all just having fun.


We remain strongly dedicated to the project and believe in its immense quality; 001 was released out to the public due to our desire to share this creation. All in all, we hope 001 proves not only to be a personal success, but rather beneficial to all.



001 allows users (whom we shall dub 'designers') to create Action Role-Playing games with ease. Eventually, multi-player capabilities shall be implemented.



Designers may create maps as large as they reasonably desire. Users shall relish the ability to place water, ground, three layers of objects, walls, and large environmental objects from as many tile-sets as he/she wants. More objects are discussed below.



Designers may create as many playable characters as they wish. Every aspect - such as their stats, visual appearance, behaviour in battle (if automated), and equipment - is completely customizable.


Designers may additionally want to create non-playable characters within their maps. Likewise, everything available to playable characters remains available to non-playable characters - the one addition to non-playable characters being the creation of character routes (paths for them to walk).


For example, the designer may have a character patrolling a given area, thus forcing the user to think intelligently when confronting him/her. All this can be done visually, either using the mouse or keyboard to specify this route. Another example would be to have the player running after a non-playable character - this being done by telling the non-playable character to follow a certain route, but remain on the screen at all times.


All characters may equip items, which change depending on the genre of game the designer wants to develop.



There are different types of vehicles, currently consisting of cars, boats, hover-crafts, planes, and submarines. All are driven similarly; however, the last two have the additional option to lower or raise their distance from sea/ground level.


Artificial Intelligence

The 001 AI is progressively becoming more and more complex. At the time this document was written, characters controlled by the computer were capable of doing the following:


* Walk towards a certain character, vehicle, or point on a map.

* Follow a character (which allows for traditional snake-like following mechanism found in many RPGs).

* Open doors.

* Attack other characters and vehicles.

* Run away when hurt.

* Remain on a route's path while taking AI into consideration.

* Changing states (such as offensive, defensive, and so forth) based upon a cone of vision, which can be altered by the designer.



There are several options regarding items. Including the price, weight, accuracy, damage, bullet type, speed, and so on.


Brief Conclusion

Pierre Cayer and Mike Weir would like to thank all who have been involved with this project at any point in time. We're still having an amazing time building 001, and we hope to continue for as long as we are able.



Engine001 Website


The website includes everything you need to know, also resources such as flooring and items etc.


Please enjoy this contribution and i take no credit :)


thank you and please tell me of your encounters with Engine001.

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I posted this in the wrong section...could a mod/admin please move

OK, Iwolf, I moved your topic here. I hope that now it is it's desired place.

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