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Recognizing Third-party Content In Firefox

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If you read the article, third-party content actually means anything reside in another server. Normally you won't host your own content in another server, would you? They also rely on certain keyword to be sure of what to block, for example "banner". They too need a white list of keyword to avoid blocking the wrong content. I've been using adblock-plus every since i started using firefox 2 years back. Now it feels weird if you use another person's firefox without adblock-plus, it suddenly seem to be crowded with so much colorful ads around. Anyway, i've been very happy with it. It did help me save quite a lot of data bandwidth for not loading those ads content

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The adblock plugin normaly comes with some basic filters for the most common banners and logos (at least it did the last time I used it).
Another way to quickly block a lot of advertising is to use a HOSTS file ( http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm ), I've been using this technique for years and it does block almost any ads (even google ads are blocked :) ).
The hosts file basicaly contains a huge list with all known advertising domains (and also a lot of malicious domains) that will be redirected to (this is the loopback adres of your computer, so basicily if a browser want to load an image from a domain listed in the hosts file, the request is sent to your own computer). It's fast, simple and it works for every program on your computer ... not only browsers, but also messengers, mail clients, ...

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