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Can't Make This Query Working.

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Hi again.

I am trying to make a new Register script. But now, there is only one thing that is not working.. I can't make the following query work.

mysql_query("INSERT INTO members(username, password, email, register_date) VALUES ('$user','$pass','$email', '$reg_date')") or die("Failed to register.<br> Error:".mysql_error());

this is the current date variable, that is causing the error. (if I remove it from the query, it works just fine)

this is the error I am getting:

Error:Data truncated for column 'register_date' at row 1

in the database I gave it the data type int, because the date is only made out of numbers.

Thanks for your help //Feelay
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Your query don't work because your variable stores a string like "2008/06/13", the "/" character cause this error to happen.

To fix it simply change your variable's date format to:

But this can lead to get problems with the register_date field, i'm not sure about this.

A better solution is to change the data type of the register_date field to date and change the sql query to:

<?phpmysql_query("INSERT INTO members(username, password, email, register_date) VALUES ('$user','$pass','$email', NOW())") or die("Failed to register.<br> Error:".mysql_error());?>
Best regards,

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