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Phpbb3 Mod's Help.

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I wanted to make a mod for my forums, that puts an emblem under a user's avatar and name. Like this:


Posted Image


I wanted to know if anyone had any basic tuts on something like this, or something exactly related to this. If anyone wants to just do it for me, you can send me a PM. But I'd rather do it on my own.

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Before editing the file, please make a copy of all files !

Open viewtopic_body.html from [phpBB-dir]/styles/prosilver/template


FIND <!-- IF postrow.POSTER_FROM


anythings you would like to appear on the user profile section.
Note that you may need to adjust the position up or down to suite your need.

Save all files and login to phpBB forum.
Then, goto administration index page.
Click the Purge the cache button.

Repeat above steps to adjust positions, styles ... etc.


Yout may optional include your new template data from external file
by using <!-- INCLUDE xxxxxxx.html -->


Create a file named say usermorepic.html and add any html tags you like to appear on the user
profile section.

Then, save it under the same directory as viewtopic_body.html.

Open the viewtopic_body file again and search for a location you like to add the above new code.
for instance,

<!-- IF postrow.POSTER_FROM --><dd><strong>{L_LOCATION}:</strong> {postrow.POSTER_FROM}</dd><!-- ENDIF --><!-- INCLUDE usermorepic.html -->


To save time when editing template files without manually clear cache.
Go to Administration console and enable recompile template when change occurs.
Admin -> General ->Load Settings -> Recompile stale style components -> yes

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