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Nintendo Ds Vs Psp [debate] I know its done before but...

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Hey, I'm new to the forum (and this is my first topic).


I got hooked in here when I saw the debate about the PSP beign worth the cash, and I wanted to drop my two cents. I had both hand-helds, but I don't pocket-play anymore due job reasons and I better bought a home console... so there's no real preference for any of them.


Based on my criteria... both hand-helds have some power to hold, but the sales of every unit know more about this than the actual firepower from any gizmos these companies can throw and brag about. The PSP is capable of many things that it's enemy couldn't do at first: playing movies, music, d-photographs, emulating and whatnot. To top it off, adult franchises such as GTA and Tekken (also add CrapCom's hundreds of already-done-ports-of-fighting-games which at this rate, make me sick).


Everything at an elevated cost that should make you think... Is it worth it?


The DS is already able to emulate (except for PSX), with certain accesories is already capable of music, videos and photos. Everything at a cheaper price. Movies on UMD are not as popular everywhere as anyone might think them to be; with no plans on making them as flexible as regular DVDs (a.k.a. no compatible writers, no blank hardware to write on, no compatibility w/regular tv-sets and no feedback from big-retailers and even worst, movie companies who refused to use them due high-priced production costs and sales that wind-up disappointing).


(And don't start me with the battery power which made me want to smash my PSP many times it ran out during critical moments)... That's for sales... I won't discuss hardware. PSP and DS have shown users of how capable they're with their softwares (and it can be a matter of taste)... for me, Nintendo excels on many ways that leaves PSP waiting too much to be desired for being "more powerful" on specs.


Games are another deal which is a matter of taste. But I can argue about PSP's merits for adult-oriented games and sure-hits with old RPGs and those done-a-hundred-times-before fighting games. But that isn't innovation, compared to DS' library of interactive games that adds to the genres something new on each game... by the time I got Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, Lost In Blue and many others hit the markets (the list is huge), it was clear that the balance between brands and quality is killing Sony.


What is quality? ... Good graphics? ... Better gameplay?


As far as half of the games I played on PSP went... they were pretty much the same stuff as before. Nothing felt really impressive, but that's because they don't fix what isn't broken, just use whatever formula sold well before. On the other hand, DS took risks to innovate... and now PSP's sales are pale compared to the DS ones.


Saying that I have no preference sounds like a typo at this rate... but the lower development costs combined with the chances of developers to innovate their franchises (Like Contra, who improved a whole lot compared to it's PSX and PS2 versions), adding newer chances and more succesful games (that don't need to be ported on the company's older home console) who later turn into well known franchises on their own, are giving you the obvious answer.


I'd like to add... Japanese imports at this rate, are so much better and hundred-percent more wacky on DS.

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The PSP is the far superior portable system of choice, to say that the DS is anything close to what the PSP can offer is objective to almost nothing. DS tried to innovate something different but failed to impress their consumers because it complicated the gameplay of games, nintendo did get the Wii right in the form of innovation but failed on the DS. You mentioned that psp sales pale compared to DS? Where is the source for this because in a recent article at ign.com and i qoute:

March 21, 2008 - In the three-way battle for hardware supremacy over in Japan, the PSP emerged victorious this week. Media Create's latest sales chart, covering 3/10 to 3/16, has Sony's portable at 57,651 units, besting the Wii's 55,845 units and the DS Lite's 53,266 units.

Maybe you are referencing in overall sales, but PSP, in my opinion will overthrow in sales eventually if they havent already, Their library of games and quality of games is causing a uprising in sales for the psp, some to mention are God of War, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tekken Ressurection, and GTA are some of the superior games that compete with the DS. Many compare the PSP as a PS2 version 2. That alone is an impressive comparison because portables are not meant to be competing with the main systems. It was only meant to be a side entertainment and not to be of such quality like the PSP is. My comments may seem bias, but I have both system and have found that I want more games on the PSP than I do on DS, even with the release of Ninja Gaiden on the DS doesnt intrigue me because I cannot stand playing with the digital pointer, not to say that the graphics that the DS offers irritates me. Nintendo has lost my respect due to the fact that they have looked towards more innovation than quality of games.

PSP has come very far in its development because not only is it a portable system but its a system that interacts with the ps3, whereas there are some games that allow you to continue to play and build stats on your game and move it back on the PS3. It has updated its system features to include internet radio, rss feeds, web browsing, theme sets, and so much more. PSP will be a system that many will be keeping an eye on for a long time because with its software updates it will eventually evolve into a powerhouse of a system. I have yet to discover its full feats, because although I dont support the use of homebrew, hackers out there has found ways to take advantage and exploit the systems full potential. The system can do more than what it was meant for, and that alone already tops DS systems. From what I have read and seen done, I regret the purchase of my DS and am looking to sell it when I find the right buyer. DS is already started to fade out of the portable game market. But only time will tell if DS can hold its own when PSP advances its tech features in the upcoming years.

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